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South Dakota v Wayfair Prediction - At least 5 Justices for Wayfair


Below please find a link to a breakdown of each comment made by the justices in the SD v Wayfair case along with a prediction of whether that comment swayed for SD or Wayfair. The totality of the comments leaves a prediction of which justices will vote to keep Quill alive and which will vote to overturn Quill to some extent.

My prediction is… at least five justices will vote to keep Quill in place.

There are many players with competing interests at play, but I believe this is a matter best resolved by Congress. My qualfications to make the prediction? Pushing for reasonable federal legislation for sales tax nexus has been a passon of mine since 2012. The profile photo below is me giving testimony before the House Judicary Committee during the Alternatives to the Marketplace Fairness Act hearings in 2013. I've also been the primary author on multiple amicus curiae briefs on the topic of state tax nexus in sales tax cases, including Wayfair. I would be interested in getting your feedback on the outcome of the case.

SD v Wayfair – Prediction of Outcome Based on Justices Comments

SD v Wayfair – Oral Argument Transcripts

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SD v Wayfair - Amicus Curiae Brief – American Academy of Attorney-CPAs

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