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Frozen Bank Account in Florida

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Has your business been late filing or paying a few tax returns to the state of Florida and you received a disheartening phone call telling you that a hold or freeze has been placed on your business bank account? Did the bank freeze happen to one or more of your business bank accounts late in the afternoon the day before you normally do payroll? If so, then there was no coincidence in the brutal timing of the bank freeze. A recent change in Florida tax law gave the Florida Department of Revenue even broader powers to collecting funds believed to be due and the whole system is now automated. If your business bank account has been frozen, then your business could easily be crippled to the point of bankruptcy in a matter of days. The Department of Revenue knows that cash is the lifeblood of any business and the bank freeze timing and severity is designed to be a wakeup call. If you are reading this, then you likely need an attorney to immediately negotiate with the Department of Revenue on your behalf. Our firm's entire focus has been dealing with the Florida Department of Revenue and we are uniquely qualified to help get your bank account unfrozen as soon as possible. Call the number on the top of this web site right now for a free consultation to learn how we can help.

Florida, like any state, has always been focused on collecting taxes believed to be owed and the law is always being adapted to find new ways to collect delinquent taxes more efficiently. In the past, they would send you late notices for months on end with the tone getting more "stern" each month. Then, if the amount was still not paid, they would finally issue a "tax warrant" threatening to lien company assets. In most cases, you case would merely be transferred to a DOR collection agent that might (or might not) seek a lien on a business bank account, if they knew of one. This process could take six to twelve months.

Collection Analytics

Today the Florida Department of Revenue ("FL DOR") goes about collecting delinquent taxes in a whole different way. Taking more initiative and predictive measures, they now use a means known as "COLLECTION ANALYTICS." Where the old process could be dragged out and ineffective for a long period of time, the new way makes it so they can quickly begin collecting on taxes if the taxpayer has not yet paid them. Through collection analytics the FL DOR uses predictive behavioral models to determine early on what the party is expected to owe. The collection process has been shortened to less than 90 days and it is fully automated.

To learn more about Collection Analytics, read this article written by one of our partners, James Sutton, CPA, Esq. FL DOR TO USE COLLECTION ANALYTICS TO LEVY FUNDS

This may not be as good of news for taxpayers. They are now able to use a number of sources, from the IRS to state unemployment agencies, to determine where a business keeps assets and the timing of cash flow through business accounts. The new system is brutally accurate most of the time. This can occur to both individuals and businesses that may rely on their bank account as a necessary source. If your company is receiving FL DOR notices about delinquent returns or taxes, then you need to respond. A phone call or partial payment can delay the automated process. However, not responding at all can almost guarantee the automated bank freeze process will start. For those that have already had their account frozen, speak to Florida sales tax lawyer from our firm, the Law Offices of Moffa, Sutton, & Donnini, P.A.

Sales Tax Attorney in Florida

Our team possesses a strong knowledge of tax law and can help you to better understand the situation you are in, as well as how to handle it. When your account has been frozen that does not mean the money was taken out, nor does it mean that the DOR knows how much is in your account. It is simply frozen and unable to be used by you at the time. For many businesses even a hold on funds can be fatal. For whatever it is worth, this is not your banker's fault either. As much as they would like to help, their hands are legally tied. Our professionals are highly skilled in negotiations with the FL DOR and will seek to have some or all of your funds released. There are many ways we may be able to help you, but in order to determine that we must first speak with you. With offices in Tampa and Fort Lauderdale, we help Florida taxpayers anywhere in the state as well as businesses operating outside the state of Florida, but subject to the jurisdictional reach of Florida. Use the phone number or email link at the top of this web page for a free initial consultation to discuss the specific aspects of your situation.

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