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Florida Considers Bill to Tax Internet Transactions via "Affiliated Nexus"


Florida Proposed Affiliated Nexus to Subject Internet Transactions to Sales and Use Tax

On December 2, 2011 a bill was pre-introduced for the 2012 legislative session by Representive Honer into the Florida House of Representatives that would revise the defintion of "mail order sale" in Florida Statute Sec. 212.0596 to also include sales of tangible personal property over the internet among several other changes. However, the more news worthy part of the bill is the poposed revision to Sec. 212.0596(2)(g) that specifically that an affiliate of a dealer can give the dealer enough presence in the state to require sales tax collection responsibilities.

We will elaborate more on this in a short while, but we wanted to break the news and allow everyone to read a copy of the proposed legislation.

Florida House 2012 - Bill 861

We will be posting updates to the article regularly as the news regarding Florida's attempt at Affiliated Nexus on internet transactions breaks.