After the SD v Wayfair decision on June 21, 2018, internet retailers using Amazon, Ebay, and other online marketplaces should be having trouble sleeping. Not only has the world turned upside down with the removal of protections from Quill (physical presence no longer required), but you now have to worry whether states will apply the Wayfair decision retroactively. After all, Justice Kennedy point blank said that the Quill physical presence requirement was always a wrong interpretation of the constitution. Looking forward, even if a state doesn’t have an “economic nexus” statute on the books, you can wager every state legislature out there is already drafting new laws giving their state maximum reach over internet retailers.

So an internet retailer now has to worry about the aggressive states, like Florida, coming after your company back in time. Or perhaps not, if you act fast. I’ve received word that Florida is unofficially allowing companies whose only contact with Florida is through online marketplaces like Amazon FBA to do a voluntary disclosure and have the past liabilities forgiven. Even if your company stored inventory with Amazon, you still may be forgiven for the past liabilities. Unless we can convenience Congress that we need a federal statute protecting small sellers from sales tax nexus, there is no question that marketplace sellers will have to register and start collecting taxes. If you act quickly, then you can do so while most likely having all past exposure forgiven.

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