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FL Sales Tax Exemption: Solar Energy Systems


Florida is moving towards being as eco-friendly as possible. With this in mind, the state will exempt from sales and use tax solar energy systems as well as a part of such a system. Based on the requirements of the exemption in the statute, the Florida Solar Energy Center must periodically certify to the Department of Revenue (“Department”) a list of equipment and hardware that is a solar energy system or part of such a system. Recently, the Florida Solar Energy Center provided a certification of the equipment qualifying, which is provided in more detail below.

A “collector” qualifies as part of a solar energy system. A collector is used to gather energy from the sun and transfer it as energy for use in certain applications. Pumps and controls, which regulate the circulation of fluid between the storage medium and collector, meet the requirements of being part of a solar energy system. Photovoltaic power conditioning equipment also is considered equipment eligible for the exemption. This type of equipment will convert the current from direct current to alternating current.

Storage units, which are equipment that store solar energy for future use, will meet the criteria of equipment qualifying as part of a solar energy system. Finally, there is a list of accessories meeting the criteria necessary for being considered a solar energy system or part thereof. Examples of accessories include piping, insulation, air vents, relief valves, and numerous other items.

If you purchase or sell any of the above, the sale is probably exempt from Florida sales and use tax. However, the Department requires the seller to have proof the sale is exempt. Included at the end of this article is TIP 19A01-09, which has a suggested short certificate to be signed by the purchaser. The certificate should be retained by the seller to prove the sale was exempt.

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