On May 23, 2014, I published an article (available below) about something outrageous happening in Florida. As initially reported by The Florida Current on Wednesday, May 21, 2014, the Florida Department of Revenue issued over 7,000 erroneous tax warrants in 2013. This came to light when Governor Rick Scott received an erroneous tax warrant and the media started making serious inquiries into how often something like this might happen. I've been trying to get the FL DOR to reel in their overly aggressive tactics for years. I am very happy to report that I received unofficial word today that the FL DOR is going stop using collection analytics, the automated tax collection process in Florida. We will once again have human beings, your fellow Florida residents, making collection decisions for potentially delinquent taxpayers. I believe the relentless pressure from the press on this issue is the hero behind the change, but I hope that I contributed some small part.

It is about time that the Department of Revenue truly starts treating residents and business owners in Florida with the professionalism required under Florida's Taxpayer Bill of Rights, Section 213.015, Florida Statutes. I am personally pushing for legislation to be enacted given "teeth" to the Florida Taxpayer Bill of Rights that will make the DOR accountable for blatant violations of taxpayer rights. Freezing your bank account with no actual notice and for completely erroneous assessment is clearly such a violation.

UPDATE: I received updated word from the DOR that the whole collection analytics system has not been scrapped, rather it was scaled back. No no warrant goes out without human review and they are usually sent via certified mail to confirm that taxpayer received the notice.

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